Sentry EMTU - Magnetic Water Treatment Unit. A proven non-water treatment method suitable for boilers, chillers, cooling towers, induction furnaces, pumps, gen set radiators, heat exchangers, piping, condensers, compressors, continuous casting and many other applications.

Working solutions installed locally at sugar refinery and edible oil refinery.


Replace old bolt tightening method - no more sledgehammer, thermal tightening, hydrulic wrench, crane wrench and hydraulic tensioning.

Qwik Freezer / Accu Freeze

Qwik Freezer - Utilises liquid carbon dioxide (COČ) to freeze stationary water in selected sections ofpipe/tubing. Secure in-line ice plugs temporarily isolate the water in the system and allow repairs or modification to be made without draining down or shutting of systems. Can be used safely on iron, lead, stainless steel, copper, brass and plastic pipe.

Accu Freeze - Utilises liquid nitrogen in a controlled system to freeze stationary liquids and capable of with standing 2000 psi in pipes up to 12" diameter.

Can be used in office & commercial building, petrol/chemical refineries, food & beverage plants, hospitals, industrial plants, water treatment facilities, residential, restaurants, ships, schools, hotels, etc.

Level Care Alarm System

Alerts on low water level conditions for all types of fire tube and water tube boilers. Can be installed on new and existing boilers from 100-psi to 1200-psi operating pressure.

Zok 27 / Zok MX

Concentrated, water-based, non-flammable, environmentally friendly biodegradable fluid for use in online and off-line compressor cleaning for gas turbines in aircraft, industrial, off-shore and power generation applications.

All formulations, manufacturing and packaging is subject to the QA requirements of ISO 9001.


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