Products and Services Pertaining to Boiler Works.

1. Design, supply and commission of economiser and superheaters for oil and gas fired boilers.
2. Design, supply and installation of chimney for special condition.
3. Design, supply and commission of deacrators.
4. Repair of water tube, firetube boilers and pressure vessels.
5. Overhaul of alltypes of boilers for JKKP ( FMD ) inspection.
6. Provide breakdown service and tuning for boiler combustion.
7. Design and installation of dust collection system for waste heat boiler.
8. Servicing and refurbishing of high-pressure valves.
9. Pressure piping and insulation works.
10. Site creation of boilers, steam vessels and pressure vessels.
11. Boiler and burner spare parts.
12. Supply and upkeep of waste heat boiler ( HRSG ) and High Pressure Boilers ( Sales and Service
representative for Abco Industries, Texas USA for the ASIAN Region).
13. JKKP qualified licensed gas piping contractor.
14. Provide training on boiler operation and maintenance.
15. Electro magnetic water treatment system ( Representative for Sentry EMTU ).

Products & Services Pertaining to Gas Turbine

a) Cooling of gas turbine inlet air for power augmentation and heat rate improvements
(Representative of Mee Industries).
b) Supply of gas turbine compressor cleaning solution Zok 27.

Activity Pertaining to Co-Generation Plant.

a) Installation of gas turbine and waste heat boilers and commissioning.

Other Products

a) Bolting system - Superbolt.
b) Sealing system - Fixol and Ultra Patch.


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